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About Dr. MarthaJay

  • MFA Creative Writing – Full Sail University
  • Ed.D- Teacher Leadership – Walden University
  • MA- Educational Leadership – University of the Virgin Islands
  • BA – English and Secondary Education UVI
  • CT – Elementary Education- Dominica State College
  • FLE Certifications – Educational Leadership K-12, ESOL, Reading
  • Other Trainings of 60 hrs or more: SWD, SEL

Dr. MarthaJay is a content developer and educational consultant with a passion for writing and learning. She is the creator of the Writing to Respond (WTR) process, an approach to teaching writing across disciplines for students in grades K-12. The WTR process combines the teaching of writing with enjoyable reading, and is currently used in schools to improve writing confidence and test scores.

Dr. MarthaJay is also a prolific writer, producing both fiction and non-fiction works. Her non-fiction writing includes books, workbooks, charts, and other resources to support the teaching of writing. Her children’s fiction books focus on themes of resilience, perseverance, determination, and effective social interaction.

In addition to her work as a content developer and educational consultant, Dr. MarthaJay is also a sought-after public speaker and professional development trainer. She delivers virtual and face-to-face sessions on a variety of topics, including initiative implementation techniques, the use of principles of habit to drive success, how to build writing confidence, and how to develop a culture of reading and writing in schools.

Dr. MarthaJay is committed to helping others achieve their writing goals, and she is passionate about making a difference in the world through education.

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