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Education is becoming more complex. There is a race to prepare students to be citizens who can function effectively in a world that’s changing faster than the classroom can reimagine or reshape its methods of operation. We were behind when the tech age rolled through and are further behind as we try to figure out AI or Artificial intelligence in education.

In addition to the complexities and questions brought on by AI, school systems must deal with phone use in classrooms and social media’s impacts on mental health and social-emotional learning compounded with the needs for inclusivity, cultural and gender sensitivity, diversity, equity, and teacher shortages or rather teacher exodus. The list goes on. We will explore each aspect as it becomes relevant or pressing.

Areas to explore.

Similarities in the issues experienced in four different settings. Although the settings ranged from metropolitan to developing all seemed to have the same struggles.

How can we help? Are the policies timely? Do the policymakers consult with the classroom agents?

Let’s explore together.

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