About Buddinwriters

Buddinwriters is an educational-based site dedicated to the success of 21st century students. At Buddinwriters we utilize the Writing to Respond (WTR) process and its resources as an approach to cultivate successful habits of reading and writing in students across disciplines. Our concepts align with Common Core States Standards and we support teaching of 21st century skills. We believe that all students regardless of socio- economic background or educational level can develop critical thinking skills and become successful citizens in careers and jobs.

We offer services and resources to all students from K-12; however, our focus is on cultivating strong writing skills in students before high schools.



To equip a community of citizens who will read, use critical thinking, and write to communicate effectively in any situation in any discipline before high school.



Buddinwriters seeks to work with parents, educators, and school districts to impact students’ success.

(1). Cultivate a habit of reading, thinking and writing in students

(2). Increase students’ writing confidence in classrooms and on tests

(3). Increase students’ readiness for college, career, and jobs upon graduation.

(4). Increase the number of high performing schools in districts

Our Partners


We partner with business and individual donors to provide professional development and educational resources to schools in disadvantaged settings. We work with public, private, and parochial schools through Tile I and Title V funding. We also provide support to parents and parent educators. We accept government requests for proposals.

Implications for teaching:

Teach the process consistently across disciplines for two or more school years to experience outstanding effect size.

More Results


Results for a group of fifty (50) Grade 11 students who took the ACT writing test as a college entry requirement.

  • 28 of these students scored 18 or better
  • 13 of these students scored 20 or higher
  • Of the 10 students who scored 23, three of them had a score of 15 or less in all other areas of the test.

(NB score is out of 36 with 21 as acceptable entry score to avoid skills English for some colleges.):

Steady Progress

Buddin writers

Since then, 10 years later, WTR has been published in three versions, and have added several resources as clients express their needs. The Writing to Respond Process (WTR) has been presented in 8 school districts across four countries as an initiative to introduce writing across disciplines consistently.

Currently, one dozen small elementary schools are implementing the process as a pilot initiative.