Professional Development Services Dr. Watts offers job-embedded professional development services. This service works well for schools and  school districts that are unable to assign or afford substitute teachers to classrooms. Schools are  free to make professional development sessions, whole school, departmental, Professional Learning Communities, or one-on one. They can also be designed to co-inside with teachers planning periods.  Schools are free to request help in teaching in academic areas particularly literacy; however, here are a few areas in which Dr. Watts has facilitated through contractual work:
  • Understanding the demands of the Common Core States Standards
  • Implementing the Common Core States Standards
  • Developing strategies for building a culture of writing in schools
  • Connecting academic vocabulary acquisition to writing
  • Utilizing Webb’s Depths of Knowledge (DOK) and Bloom’s Taxonomy to develop critical thinking skills in students
  • Developing strategies for preparing students to tackle writing assessments
  • Developing SMART goals that align with the school’s or district’s improvement goals
  • Identifying power standards; unwrapping those power standards and
  • Developing curricula that focus on the skills and concepts from those standards
  • Identifying the content from each grade level to teach those skills and concepts
  • Developing common assessments that measure same skills and concepts across grade levels
  • Developing data collection strategies and analyzing data to influence remedial instruction
  • Utilizing data to determine school-wide program implementation
  • Evaluating program implementation to determine effect on students’ performance
  • Coaching struggling teachers, and demonstrating best practices in classroom settings
Dr. Watts’s passion is to work with schools in disadvantaged settings. If your school or school district is Title 1 funded, e-mal Dr. Watts at with a Request for Proposal (RFP). Be sure to outline your area of need.