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Schools should be prepared to :
  • Make changes in curriculum by balancing testing skills and 21 century skills;
  • Collect both formative and summative data to identify areas in need of improvement;
  • Adopt research based programs, implement these programs effectively, and conduct formative evaluation to monitor and improve on implementation;
  • Conduct research to validate the effects of the programs on student success;
  • Discontinue programs that do not contribute to student achievement and adopt or create programs that cater to  students’ needs and are suitable to school culture;
  • Ensure that all stake holders ( students, teachers, parents and community contributors) are treated fairly and with respect
Call 321 266 9737 or email marthajwatts@yahoo.com for services in :
  • Implementing Common Core States Standards
  • Teaching to prepare for Common Core Assessments
  • Program implementation and evaluation
  • Teacher coaching
  • Action research
  • Implementing programs for building resilience in students and schools
Teachers should
  • Teach effectively and provide students with opportunities for success
  • Treat each child as one who is capable of learning
Parents/ Guardians  should:
  • Get involved with students’ school life (activities, programs,etc.)
  •  Teach and encourage respponsible behavior
  •  Support or seek academic support for their  children
Call (321) 266 9737 or email marthajwatts @yahoo.com for PTA presentations. Click to purchase book.

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