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Author releases revised edition of Writing to Respond book series

 ‘Writing to Respond to Text and Tests’ helps improve students’ performance on writing assessments  

COCOA, Fla. – When she realized that the first edition of her book did not sufficiently meet the needs of high school students, author Martha Joseph Watts began working on “Writing to Respond to Text and Tests,” (published by Xlibris) a revised edition that stressed the academic vocabulary addressed at each step and ensured that students were obligated to write responses that reflected their ability to write analysis, evaluative and or synthesis responses.

This book is like a student handbook that provides directional guides on how to write to respond to informational and literary text, and how to tackle different types of writing exams that the middle and high school student will encounter. It provides step by step guidance, student samples, graphic organizers, rubrics, and exercises for responding both to text and tests.

“There is a concerted focus on improving writing performance among students nationwide,” Watts says. “Given the expectations of the Common Core States Standards and its new writing assessments, schools, parents and students are continuously seeking student- friendly material to help improve students’ performance. This book is written in a simple, easy to follow format with profound help for students. If it is utilized as suggested, students’ performance on writing assessments are sure to improve.”

Through this revised edition of her Writing to Respond series, Watts hopes students will realize that they can be independent learners, and they do not have to depend solely on their school’s setting to succeed.

“Writing to Respond to Text and Tests”

By Martha Joseph Watts, Ed.D

Source: Katy News